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Whooping Cough Vaccine (Pertussis) : FDA Study Shatters Illusion of Vaccine-Induced Immunity

Pertussis Vaccine

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  • Recent FDA study in infant baboons showed that while the pertussis vaccine can cut down on serious clinical disease symptoms, it doesn’t eliminate transmission of B. pertussis whooping cough
  • The baboon study suggests that if you’re recently vaccinated against whooping cough and then are exposed to B. pertussis, you may not get classic symptoms of the disease but could temporarily become an asymptomatic carrier, which is “good for you but not for the population,” according to the study’s lead researcher
  • This may partly explain recent outbreaks of whooping cough among the highly vaccinated U.S. population, in which 95 percent of children have received at least five doses of pertussis vaccine between two months and six years old. Previous recovery from natural B. pertussis infection was found to confer better protection against becoming an asymptomatic carrier after exposure to B. pertussis than a history of previous vaccination
  • The study suggests pertussis vaccine-acquired immunity is an illusion. While vaccination may protect against development of severe clinical symptoms upon exposure to B. pertussis, a vaccinated person can still colonize B. pertussis bacteria and transmit the infection to others

By Dr. Mercola

Recent vaccine research again reveals the gulf between what you're told about vaccines—how they work and how effective they are at preventing infectious disease—versus what is truly known about naturally acquired and vaccine acquired immunity.

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