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How Dangerous Is Sleep Deprivation, Really?

Sleep Deprivation

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  • Your body’s sleep-wake cycle, or circadian rhythm, plays a central role in multiple body processes, impacting everything from mood and energy levels to disease progression and weight gain
  • Sleep deprivation has the same effect on your immune system as physical stress or illness, which may help explain why lack of sleep is tied to an increased risk of numerous chronic diseases
  • Even small shifts to your circadian rhythm, such as Daylight Saving Time, have been linked to increased heart attacks, workplace injuries and traffic accidents, and delayed reaction times
  • To support your natural circadian rhythm and optimal sleep, try to rise and sleep with the sunrise and sunset, get exposure to bright natural light during the day, and avoid exposure to artificial light at night

By Dr. Mercola

You know that feeling when you don’t sleep well, and you wake up feeling cranky, over-emotional, and over-tired? This is only a hint of what that sleep deprivation is doing to your body. If you don’t sleep well, it’s going to lead to health issues, both mental and physical, plain and simple.

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