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Why and How to Say No to an Unnecessary Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Treatment

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  • Dental procedures and materials used in them can affect your whole body, not just your teeth. Root canal treated teeth can be a direct cause of numerous degenerative diseases
  • After a root canal is done, the dead tooth—not sometimes, but always—becomes an environment conducive to harboring chronic infection and toxicity
  • Many "incurable" ailments, which have no conventionally recognized cause, can sometimes be improved or resolved by extracting the root-canalled tooth and properly cleaning the tooth socket
  • A tooth can become painful for a number of reasons. Before getting a root canal, make sure the problem is not somewhere else and that the pain in your tooth will not subside if you properly address that issue

This is the first of a two part series. Part two with comprehensive and specific options on what to do if you already have a root canal will be posted soon. These two articles are our effort to help save lives not teeth.

By Dr. Lina Garcia

One of the fundamental understandings that supports holistic, biological dentistry is that the dental procedures and materials used in them can affect your whole body, not just your teeth.

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