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How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Lightning Strikes

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  • If you lie down during a thunderstorm, an electrical current passing through the ground from a nearby lightning strike can pass right through your body.
  • The best position if you’re caught in a thunderstorm is to crouch low so you’re not the tallest object around, and at the same time keep your feet close together with your heels touching, which will help the electricity to go in one foot and out the other.
  • By crouching on the balls of your feet, only a minimal surface of your body is touching the ground and, if a lightning strike does come through you off the ground, the current will most likely travel up one leg and down the other, missing vital organs like your heart.
  • If your hair stands on end or your skin tingles, a lightning strike is imminent. Get into the crouching position immediately.

By Dr. Mercola

From 2003 to 2012, nearly 350 people died from being struck by lightning in the US. Many more are struck by lightning and survive, as only about 10 percent of lighting-strike victims are killed (though many do suffer from serious long-term effects).

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