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Secrets That Can Help You Live Longer


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  • After investigating the blood of a woman who lived to 115 years of age, researchers suggest stem cell exhaustion may explain why people eventually die at an advanced age despite being in good overall health
  • Other recent research confirmed that low-intensity daily exercise leads to less disability in old age and a longer, healthier life
  • Being conscientious and striving to do things well is a personality trait that most of the people who live the longest share
  • A processed, high-sugar diet is probably the quickest route to an early death as it promotes insulin resistance, which is a primary driver of chronic disease—from premature aging to heart disease and cancer
  • There’s compelling evidence suggesting that having a calm mind and active body are two important ingredients for longevity. Education, and being a perpetual student, is also strongly correlated with a longer life

By Dr. Mercola

The search for "the fountain of youth" has a long history, from tracking down sacred, life-giving water sources in the days of antiquity, to the invention of "miracle pills" and stem cell research in the modern age, the fascination with extreme longevity is an enduring one.

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