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Why We Laugh

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  • Humans are born with the ability to laugh, and laughter acts as a universal language across all cultures
  • Social laughter is 30 times more frequent than solitary laughter, likely because laughter developed as a way to strengthen group bonds and emotional relationships
  • Laughter follows jokes only about 10-20 percent of the time
  • In most cases, laughter follows a banal comment or only slightly humorous one, which signals that the person is more important than the material in triggering laughter
  • Laughter may reduce stress hormones and boost your immune function, while also inducing optimistic feelings, offering pain relief, and more

By Dr. Mercola

Did you know that you're neurologically programmed to laugh in a certain way? It is true. We virtually all are, actually, as humans are born with the tendency to laugh. This is why if you travel around the globe, you can use laughter to communicate with almost anyone.

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