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Pesticides Put Global Food Production at Grave Risk, International Task Force Warns

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  • Large-scale, chemical-based agriculture is posing a threat to the world’s food supply, an international task force warns, saying neonicotinoid insecticides must be phased out
  • Three-quarters of our food crops require pollinators, which are killed off by these insecticides. Worms and soil microorganisms are equally important for food production, and pesticides are taking a heavy toll on them, too
  • New research shows that living within a mile of pesticide-treated crops increases your chances of bearing children with autism by at least 60 percent
  • Proximity to fields treated with chlorpyrifos during the second trimester resulted in a 3.3 times greater risk of having an autistic child
  • Exposure to pyrethroids shortly prior to conception increased a woman’s risk of having an autistic child by 82 percent. Exposure during the third trimester increased the risk by 87 percent

By Dr. Mercola

In recent years, it has become increasingly obvious that large-scale, chemical-based agriculture is posing an outright threat to the world’s food supply. Its dangers now far outpace any benefits that might be had in terms of efficiency.

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