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New Research Reveals Why High Intensity Training Is So Beneficial for Health—It May Even Help Prevent Cancer

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  • Recent research reveals that myokines—a class of cell-signaling proteins produced by muscle fibers—can combat cancer and metabolic syndrome
  • High intensity training effectively stimulates your muscles to release anti-inflammatory myokines
  • Myokines increase your insulin sensitivity and glucose use inside your muscles. They also increase liberation of fat from adipose cells and the burning of the fat within the skeletal muscle
  • Acting as chemical messengers, myokines inhibit the release and the effect of the inflammatory cytokines produced by body fat. They also significantly reduce body fat irrespective of calorie intake
  • 90-98 percent of people who exercise are NOT doing high intensity exercises. By focusing on slow endurance-type exercises, you actually forgo many of the most profound benefits of exercise

By Dr. Mercola

Many studies support the importance of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve your health. Some of the latest research involves myokines—a class of cell-signaling proteins produced by muscle fibers—and how they can combat cancer and metabolic syndrome.

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