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Should You Throw Away Your Pillows?

Keeping Pillow For Too Long

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  • Use the folding test to determine if your pillow needs to be replaced: fold your pillow in half, and if it stays folded instead of springing back into shape, it’s time to find a new one
  • Other sleep experts recommend replacing your pillow anywhere from every six months to once every two years
  • If you keep your pillow too long, it will flatten out, leaving your head and neck without adequate support night after night, and this could lead to pain and restless nights
  • Keeping a pillow too long may also lead to a dust-mite infestation or high levels of fungal spores
  • Sleeping pillows may also contain toxic flame-retardant chemicals, like PBDE, with polyurethane foam pillows by far the worst offenders

By Dr. Mercola

How long have you been sleeping on your pillow? If you can't remember, it's probably been too long… the average person keeps their pillow for more than three years, and more than half only replace their pillow and bedding when they notice it starts wearing out.

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