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Herbicide and Insecticide Use on GMO Crops Is Skyrocketing, and Rubber-Stamped Approvals Now Usher in Next-Gen GMOs

Toxic Chemicals on GMO Crops

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  • There are two major categories of GMO crops: those engineered to withstand high amounts of a specific herbicide, and those engineered to produce their own internal insecticide (Bt crops)
  • GMOs were initially foisted upon us with promises of increased efficiency and reduced requirements for toxic pesticides, but the truth has turned out to be the complete converse
  • Widespread use of GMOs has led to an exponential resistance problem. Superweeds and resistant pests are rapidly spreading across farmlands. As a result, ever more toxic chemicals are being deployed
  • USDA recently deregulated Dow Chemical’s next-generation GE crops, which are not only resistant to glyphosate, but also carry resistance to toxins like the Agent Orange ingredient 2, 4-D and Dicamba
  • USDA data reveals that glyphosate use has increased 12-fold since 1996, with the advent of GE crops. Meanwhile, weed resistance has been documented on 60 million farm acres across the US

By Dr. Mercola

A recent Huffington Post article penned by David Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, highlights the dire problems we face as pesticide use on genetically engineered crops continue to rise.

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