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Regenerative Agriculture Is the Answer to Many of the World’s Most Pressing Problems

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  • To feed the world, we must feed the soil. One of the best ways to prevent global disaster, save our health, and build a sustainable economy is through regenerative agriculture
  • Agricultural chemicals are decimating our soils, killing off pollinating insects and other flora and fauna. An estimated 60 percent of the world’s ecological systems are nearing collapse
  • As with antibiotic overuse, the onslaught of pesticides and herbicide to combat pests has led to the development of weeds and bugs that are now resistant to the chemicals
  • The chemical technology industry not only manages to avoid accountability, it also devises “solutions” that further increase company profits while worsening the problem they created
  • Rapidly increasing weed resistance is driving up the volume of herbicide needed by about 25 percent annually. The approvals of 2,4-D and dicamba resistant GE crops could drive it up by another 50 percent

By Dr. Mercola

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.” That’s a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt, who clearly knew something most people, including farmers, have since forgotten.

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