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Can People Receiving Live Virus Vaccines Transmit Vaccine Strain Virus to Others?

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  • Live attenuated viral vaccines fool your immune system into believing you’ve come into contact with a real virus to stimulate an antibody response
  • When you get a live attenuated viral vaccine, you shed live vaccine strain virus in your body fluids—just like when you get a viral infection and shed virus in your body fluids
  • After getting a live virus vaccine, you can shed and transmit vaccine strain virus to other people
  • Live attenuated viral vaccines have the potential to affect the evolution of viruses, which are constantly recombining with each other, because vaccine strain live viruses are released into the environment where further mutations can occur
  • A healthy immune system is the most powerful way to resist infectious diseases or heal after infection and the efficient functioning of your immune system is dependent on healthy gut flora

By Dr. Mercola

There’s currently a great concern about Ebola, and this provides us an opportunity to investigate some basic vaccine questions. The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the US contracted it while visiting relatives in Africa. He recently died, and transmitted the disease to two nurses at a Dallas community hospital, who took care of him.

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