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How to Regenerate Soil Using Cover Crops and Regenerative Land Management

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  • High-quality soil is crucial to grow nutrient-dense plants. Tilling is probably one of the most destructive aspects of modern-day industrial agriculture, as it disrupts and destroys important soil biology
  • In Burleigh County, North Dakota, where about 60 percent of the land is farmland, about 75 percent of the organic matter in the soil has been degraded over the past 200 years
  • One farmer was able to triple the amount of organic matter in his soil in 20 years by avoiding tilling, and implementing other regenerative practices such as crop diversification, cover cropping, and livestock integration
  • One major hurdle that needs to be overcome is the government farm program, which subsidizes the growing of certain crops. At present, the farm program is geared to monoculture production
  • Even if you’re not a farmer, you can still have an impact by implementing the regenerative aspects of no-till, plant diversity, and using ground cover such as wood chips into your own home garden

By Dr. Mercola

High-quality soil is crucial to grow nutrient-dense plants. Tragically, most of our soil is being significantly damaged, thanks to modern farming methods. Gabe Brown is a true pioneer in teaching about regenerative land management, which helps restore soil health.

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