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EFT: Tap Away Your Stress and Pain with This Extraordinary Healing Tool

EFT Tapping points

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  • You don’t have to keep suffering from pain unnecessarily. Research shows that pain can be reduced by up to two-thirds with a simple and easily-learned method: the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Dawson Church, PhD, shares two fascinating stories on how EFT offered extraordinary healing benefits on his patients who were suffering from pain
  • Anecdotes like these have inspired a good deal of research into EFT over the course of the past 10 years, and that research provides fascinating insights that can help you deal with your own pain, whether it’s chronic pain or acute pain
  • Stress is a large component of what we think of as physical pain. When stress is reduced using acupoint tapping, our perceived levels of pain go way down
  • To unlock the full potential of EFT, you can train yourself in each step of the method at a Clinical EFT workshop. You can also engage the services of an expert practitioner trained in Clinical EFT

By Dawson Church, PhD

When you go to your doctor complaining of pain, what's likely to happen? You expect a diagnosis, and you may also expect to leave the doctor's office with a prescription for pain-killing drugs.

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