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  • The mission of the Health Liberty Coalition is to inform and educate you about the fraud and deceptions created by the junk food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that threaten your health
  • Our four partner-organizations have a rich history of advocacy and active campaigning for change and better access to truly empowering health information
  • Current campaigns and progress of some of our partner organizations are summarized and reviewed


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By Dr. Mercola

The mission of Mercola.com and its Health Liberty partners is to inform and educate you about the fraud and deception created by the junk food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that threaten your health.

We're committed to raising awareness on health issues that are being manipulated distorted by big business – and this dedication, shared and supported by readers like you, is making a world of difference.

Health Liberty is the name of our nonprofit coalition that includes:

  • The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
  • Fluoride Action Network (FAN)
  • Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
  • Consumers for Dental Choice

It was formed to help protect your freedom to make voluntary health choices.

Each partner-organization has a rich history of advocacy and active campaigning for change and better access to truly empowering health information. With your help, we've achieved a number of accomplishments.

There are also a number of current campaigns that need your urgent support to succeed.

Mercury-Free Dentistry Is Forging Ahead

Amalgam is the #1 use of mercury in America today. By straitjacketing low- and moderate-income consumers, Aetna is one of the major causes of mercury pollution in America today." – Charlie Brown, Executive Director, Consumers for Dental Choice.

Amalgam dental fillings, which are 50 percent mercury, have been causing a wide range of problems for the past 150 years. Not only does it expose you to mercury, it also damages your teeth, and is a major source of environmental mercury pollution.

The intention of Consumers for Dental Choice is to end the use of mercury fillings, not just in the US, but around the world. In the video above, Charlie Brown discusses the battle to ban mercury fillings worldwide.

After years of intense grassroots work, they successfully got dental amalgam included in the Minamata treaty on mercury, which is a legally binding international treaty to control the use of mercury worldwide.

This was a tremendous victory. The treaty, signed into action in October 2013, marks the beginning of the end for dental amalgam around the world, as it mandates that each nation phase down its use of amalgam.

The treaty has a road map for how to accomplish this, including switching dental school curriculums to composites as the primary material, re-training dentists, changing insurance to prefer alternatives, and developing a national plan to reduce amalgam use.

However, while the US was the first country to ratify the treaty, it is no surprise that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still dragging its heels, and has failed to uphold its promise to create a rule on amalgam.

The agency still allows the use of amalgam without any warnings or disclosures that it contains mercury, and even supports deceiving parents by calling these mercury products "silver fillings" — referring to the color of the material rather than its composition.

In the year ahead, with your help, Consumers for Dental Choice will continue to fight to break down these barriers so all consumers have access to mercury-free dentistry.

If you didn't do so during Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, I encourage you to join Consumer's for Dental Choice's newsletter list on ToxicTeeth.org, or Mercury-Free.org, and to make a donation to this worthy cause.

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GMO Labeling in the US Is at Grave Risk — Act Now!

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"We knew from the European Union for example that once these genetically engineered foods and food ingredients are labeled – consumers don't want to buy them, grocery stores won't sell them, restaurants won't serve them, and farmers won't grow them. So if we can't get the government to act, we'll act as our own government." – Ronnie Cummins, Found of Organic Consumers Association (OCA)

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) have been instrumental in raising awareness about the dangers and prevalence of genetically engineered foods, and the necessity to label them.

We have been very active in campaigning for GMO labeling state laws, and Vermont became the first state to pass such a bill in 2014. In the video above Ronnie Cummins from OCA discusses how you can help fight GMOs.

Unfortunately, we're now facing a major roadblock with the House of Representatives passing HR 15991 ("The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act"2,3,4 a.k.a. the "Deny Americans the Right to Know" or DARK Act).

The "DARK" Act specifically preempts states' rights to create their own GMO food labeling laws and, if passed by the Senate, will effectively block Vermont's GMO labeling law, set to take effect in 2016.

The bill would also allow food manufacturers to use the word "natural" on products that contain GMOs. We now only have a very limited time to set our senators straight on this issue.

If you've not done so already, I urge you to contact your senators and implore them to NOT support HR 1599. Tell them this bill is an attack on consumer rights and states' rights, and you expect your elected officials to protect you.

You can find your senators' contact information by clicking the button below, or by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Contact Your Senators

More Studies Emerge Linking Water Fluoridation to Health Risks

"We need education to fight tooth decay in low income families … Our kids are getting too much sugar; it's not a lack of fluoride it's too much sugar that causes tooth decay." –Paul Connett, Director of The Fluoride Action Network (FAN)

Dr. Paul Connett, PhD, executive director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), is a recognized leader in the fluoride education movement, spearheading the organized efforts to remove fluoride from drinking water in the US and elsewhere. Contrary to popular belief, the science clearly demonstrates that fluoride is a toxic chemical that accumulates in your body and produces a number of serious adverse health effects, including neurological and endocrine dysfunction.

Children are particularly at risk for adverse effects of overexposure, and in April this year, the US government admitted that the "optimal" level of fluoride recommended since 1962 had in fact been too high. The video above was featured during fluoride awareness week; Paul Connett from FAN discusses the risks of fluoridation that you may have not been aware of.

As a result, 40 percent of American teens show signs of overexposure5 a condition known as dental fluorosis. So, for the first time, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) lowered its recommended level of fluoride in drinking water6,7,8 to a maximum of 0.7 mg/L.

While the reduction of the recommended level is good news, it's not good enough. There's plenty of reason to believe that many will still be overexposed at this level. And, considering the fact that fluoride is a toxic drug administered without prescription or dosage control, the optimal dosage of fluoride in water is really zero...

Part of the deception that still needs to be broken down is the absurd claim that the only documented drawback or health risk of water fluoridation is dental fluorosis, which is (also falsely) said to be a primarily cosmetic concern.9 This stance completely ignores evidence showing that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor — a finding reported for the first time in 2006.10 Endocrine disruptors can disrupt the biology of both humans and animals, and this is certainly far more significant than dental fluorosis.

Moreover, there are 43 studies showing water fluoridation lowers IQ, and a number of those studies11,12,13,14 have specifically shown that children who have moderate or severe dental fluorosis score lower on tests measuring cognitive skills and IQ. This suggests that if 40 percent of our kids have dental fluorosis, water fluoridation is likely affecting our children's IQ as well. This year we also saw the publication of brand new studies linking water fluoridation to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)15 and hypothyroidism.16,17,18,19

In response to this alarming research, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has launched a nationwide billboard and poster campaign to warn parents that fluoride is classified as a chemical "with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity" by the EPA.

The billboards ask, "Do you really want your child to drink a neurotoxic chemical?" and urge citizens to "stop artificial water fluoridation," and to get more information from FAN's science-based website FluorideAction.net. The first billboards – designed by artist Donna Mayne from Ontario, Canada – were put up in Fircrest and Tacoma, Washington on June 29th.

FAN has made arrangements with a major national outdoor advertising company to help groups and committed individuals put up these billboards at a significantly discounted rate and customized to display your local campaign's webpage or Facebook address. The billboards and posters will add adrenaline and momentum to your local campaign, as well as to the entire worldwide movement to end fluoridation.

Participants should expect it to generate local media coverage, gain the attention of local officials, help recruit supporters, and shock your neighbors into researching the issue for themselves.

  • If you or your local fluoride-free campaign would like to run this billboard, please contact FAN's Campaign Manager ([email protected]).
  • To order a poster version of this billboard (without the Facebook address), contact FAN's Managing Director ([email protected]).

Clean pure water is a prerequisite to optimal health. Industrial chemicals, drugs, and other toxic additives do not belong in our water supplies. You can support the fluoride-free movement by making a tax-deductible donation to the Fluoride Action Network. In my opinion, few NGOs are as effective and efficient as FAN. Its small team has led the charge to end fluoridation and will continue to do so with your help!

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National Vaccine Information Center Is Your Ally against Draconian Vaccine Laws

"Moving numbers around in a computer is a poor substitute for actually proving an experimental vaccine does not kill and injure real human beings before it's licensed."  – Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder of National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)

When it comes to fighting for your right to know, and freedom to choose whether you or your child will get multiple doses of 16 vaccines doctors recommend or the government mandates, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is without equal in the public defense of the legal right to make informed, voluntary vaccine decisions in America. In the video above, Barbara Loe Fisher from NVIC discusses the integrity of the vaccine licensing process which is comprising vaccine safety.

The human right to exercise informed consent to medical risk taking, including use of pharmaceutical products like vaccines that carry a risk of injury or death, is the definition of liberty and forced vaccination is a form of tyranny.

Today, there is no greater threat to liberty in America than the government-enforced use of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, sold for profit by corporations that have no financial or legal liability and accountability whatsoever for harm caused by those products. Across America today, citizens are being treated by a Pharma-led forced vaccination lobby that is pressuring state legislatures to pass laws that violate the civil right to a school education and employment when citizens refuse to give up their human right to exercise informed consent to vaccine risk taking.

The speed at which these rights are being removed is now approaching new records. In California, it took just six months for politically powerful lobbyists to gut human and civil rights in that state. This was done by enacting a new law (SB 277), signed by Governor Jerry Brown on June 29, 2015, which denies parents the legal right to file a personal belief exemption to vaccination for religious and conscientious beliefs so their children can attend school.

During the six months the bill made its way through the legislative process, many new grassroots groups focusing on health and medical freedom issues were formed in California, with a common goal of opposing SB 277. A longtime Sacramento lobbyist commented that the thousands of citizens flooding the state Capitol to testify and attending protest rallies opposing the bill had not been seen since the Vietnam War.

Yet it wasn't enough. If only eight more Assembly members or six more Senators had voted against the bill, it would have failed.

In other states, families were successful in defending their informed consent and civil rights. More than 100 bills aimed at restricting or eliminating non-medical vaccine exemptions or adding more vaccines to mandates for school attendance were introduced in multiple states this year and the majority of them failed. In Texas alone, 20 vaccine-related bills were defeated. Bills were also successfully blocked in Washington, Oregon, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine, and other states.

But make no mistake about it: what happened in California in 2015 is America's final wake-up call. NVIC predicts that forced vaccination bills seeking to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions are going to be introduced again in 2016 in states that defeated those bills last year. The forced vaccination lobby is determined to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions in every state, leaving only a very restrictive medical vaccine exemption that is denied to 99.99 percent of Americans under federal guidelines.

It is also becoming clearer that forced vaccination laws will not just be limited to children. The National Adult Immunization Plan is targeting all adults for mandatory use of federally recommended vaccines as well. We strongly support the legal right for all Americans to make informed, voluntary vaccine choices, and one way of helping promote this fundamental human right is by supporting NVIC's vaccine education and choice advocacy programs and national public awareness campaigns.

Founded in 1982, NVIC is the oldest and largest consumer-led vaccine risk awareness and informed choice organization in the U.S. and has a long, responsible public record of effective grassroots advocacy.

So please get involved in protecting vaccine choices and sign up for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal to be put it electronic contact with your elected officials, so you can educate them about protecting the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking and the civil right to a school education, medical care, and employment. Also consider making NVIC one of your favorite charities so they can continue and expand the scope of their life saving work.

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Be an Activist for Human Rights to Clean Water, Healthy Food, and Informed Consent to Medical Risk Taking

It has always been my goal to proactively help preserve and enhance the health of our global community. But I can't do it alone. None of us can. That is why I chose to partner with select health and research organizations that are leading the charge, and leading effectively, acting as advocates and educators for the global good.

I hope you'll pick up the baton too and get involved with one or more of these important organizations. They all need our support. Also know that whenever you make a purchase from Mercola.com, you are providing a revenue stream to continue supporting all of these organizations and issues.

We view the promotion of valuable health information as our social responsibility – it is a mission that we will never cease to fulfill. Together, with your help, we have made it easier for millions to make truly informed health choices. In addition to our Health Liberty partners, we also provide support to:

Food Democracy Now! Rabies Challenge Fund
Center for Nutrition Advocacy CATIS-Mexico.org
Cornucopia Institute American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF)
Vitamin D Council


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