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Massive Scam Threatens Your Health — by Placing Toxic Chemicals on Land, Polluting Industries Are Allowed to Bypass Clean Air and Water Regulations

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  • Corruption and conflict of interest at the EPA has caused toxic industrial wastes to be stealthily concealed in the fertilizer applied to our farmlands, and sold to us in potting soil with biosolids
  • While the EPA regulates toxic chemical emissions under the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, when industry dumps waste into the local sewage treatment plant, those same chemicals become exempt from regulation
  • Chemicals known to be problematic in part per billion or part per trillion levels in water and in air are concentrated millions of times higher in sewage sludge, which is applied to farmland and community areas

By Dr. Mercola

Eating nutrient-dense, real food is a primary key to staying healthy. Unfortunately, most of the food you buy is probably loaded with industrial toxins.

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Last update: November 01, 2015