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Understanding Your Brain Can Make You Calmer and Much More Productive

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  • Multitasking effectively is neurologically impossible for our thinking brain. The rest of our brain is continuously multitasking. Different parts of your brain have different characteristics, governing reflex-, reflective-, and archival activities. Your brain cannot multitask in reflective mode
  • To boost your productivity, batch process your emails, at most four times per day; avoid CC’ing people and avoid “Reply to All”; and understand you do not have to answer all emails
  • Regularly disconnecting from your electronic communications devices is critical, to give your brain time to recuperate and archive information. Taking time for your brain to “do nothing” can boost your productivity

By Dr. Mercola

The human being is the only animal that has a reflective brain, yet most of us sabotage it every day, and in doing so, we limit our productivity and well-being. Dr. Theo Compernolle is a Belgian physician with about three decades-worth of experience in clinical psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, and neurology.

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