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Why Nose Breathing Is so Important for Optimal Health and Fitness

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  • Breathing is typically an ignored topic when it comes to health, yet breathing properly can improve oxygenation through your body, including your brain, and is a powerful strategy for relieving stress and anxiety
  • To induce calm, you need to breathe slowly and lightly, using your diaphragm. You also want to breathe less, and breathing through your nose is key
  • Your nose regulates at least 30 physical processes, including the release of nitric oxide (NO), a bronchodilator and vasodilator that helps lower blood pressure and helps maintain homeostasis in your body

By Dr. Mercola

Patrick McKeown is one of the top teachers of the Buteyko method — a breathing method named after the Russian physician who developed it. McKeown has been teaching the Buteyko Breathing Method full-time in his native Ireland and abroad for over a dozen years.

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