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  • The new and improved Mercola.com search engine is a significant “upgrade” to Mercola.com that is of great benefit to all Mercola readers
  • Mercola.com’s search function is powered by Google, the finest and most efficient search engine in the world
  • The four tabs at the top of the search results — Products, Health Articles, Pet Articles and Fitness Articles — help give a more refined set of results for the topic you’re looking for

By Dr. Mercola

Those of you who have been following my website for a long time — especially those who've been relentless readers since its inception almost 20 years ago — probably noticed the many changes that have been implemented over the years, not only on my health recommendations, but on the website itself.

Now, in line with our upcoming 19th anniversary, I'm very happy to announce an efficient tool that can phenomenally improve your access to information on my website. I'm talking about our new and improved Mercola.com search engine.

Answers to Your Top Health Questions: Only a 'Search' Away

Every day, I receive numerous emails and inquiries from my readers, asking about certain health topics. Even my social media pages — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — are constantly bombarded with comments, messages and inquiries from thousands of people worldwide.

But most of these questions have already been answered on the site, and are even explained in great detail.   

My new and improved search engine makes finding the answer to your top questions much easier. You'll find that the results are much more refined and are even categorized (more about this later), so you can easily sift through the articles faster until you find exactly what you're looking for.

Powered by the World's Finest Search Engine to Give You the Best Results

I don't think anyone would disagree that Google is the finest and most efficient search engine in the world, and there is no doubt that they have made significant leaps and bounds to make information as readily accessible to people worldwide.

This is exactly the type of user experience that I would like to give to everyone in the Mercola community.

I believe that knowledge is power, and that by providing a more direct route to relevant health topics and groundbreaking news articles, more and more people will be empowered to make conscious and beneficial choices to take control of their health.

A Few Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Searches

Now let me give you a few tips on how to use the search engine, because once you type in the question or query on the search box, you'll typically get dozens, if not hundreds of pages.

The search engine actually does a good job of showing the most relevant content first, and this is what is displayed on top of the results page.

Note that the top article result may not be the most recent, and may have been published months or years ago. As an alternative, you can toggle the search to show the results according to date, which will show you the most recent results first.

As you know, my views on many topics have changed over time, and there have been significant shifts in my recommendations. Health is a continuously evolving field, so I make sure to always update the information I publish on this site.

You'll also notice that there are four tabs at the top of the search results — Health Articles, Products, Pet Articles and Fitness Articles. They will provide a more refined set of results for the topic you're looking for.

For example, if you enter "benefits of coconut oil" in the search box, the Health Articles tab will list the news articles about coconut oil, but if you switch to Products, you'll see a list of the coconut oil products we offer in our online store.


Mercola Search Engine Results
Mercola Products Results
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A Great Tool for 'On-the Go' Users

I know that most of you are relying on your smartphone or tablet to access our site (chances are you're reading this article on your mobile phone right now), which is why my team and I made sure that the features on Mercola.com are mobile-friendly — and that includes the search engine.

To search on your mobile device, simply click the magnifying glass icon at the corner of the page and type in your query. This search function works on all mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

Mercola Mobile Search Engine Results
Mercola Mobile Product Search Results

What Are the Top Mercola.com Searches for 2016?

I personally use this search box almost every day to access old articles. I've written about so many topics that even I sometimes find it difficult to keep track of all the information. The top queries for 2016 are listed below. You can click on the link to read the most relevant article.

Health Articles Pet Articles Fitness Articles

Start Exploring Mercola.com With My New Search Engine

If you have a health question in mind or if you are researching a particular health topic, simply type it in the search box on this page, and the best results will come up. Tell your family and friends about it as well, so they too can make the most out of this useful tool. Thank you for your continuous support and commitment to make conscious health choices and to take control of your health.

New and Improved Search Engine

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