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What Are Guavas Good For?

Guava Fruit

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  • Guavas are an “exotic” fruit that originated in hot climates such as Central and South America, India and China
  • Health benefits from eating guava range from weight loss and cancer prevention to lowering blood sugar and preventing tooth decay
  • Studies show that nutrients in guava such as vitamins A, B and especially C, and also potassium, folate, antioxidants and flavonoids, work together to stave off disease
  • Fiber is another ingredient in both the seeds and flesh of guava, which helps keep you healthy by helping to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, gastroenteritis and several types of cancer

By Dr. Mercola

Mostly everyone in the U.S. has heard of a guava. Many have never tasted one, however, with all the apples, bananas and grapes available. But like virtually every other plant-based food, besides being delicious, this one has its own set of health qualities, and they’re quite impressive.

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