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Beware: Biotin Supplements May Alter Your Thyroid Test

Biotin Supplement

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  • Biotin plays a role in energy production, and is commonly used to remediate neurological problems, hair loss (alopecia) and skin conditions (such as acne and eczema) associated with a lack of certain enzymes
  • Recent research suggests biotin may be a helpful adjunct in the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS), by improving myelin repair and facilitating cellular energy production
  • Taking a biotin supplement can throw off your thyroid test results, producing false highs or lows, so avoid taking any biotin supplements at least a day or two before your thyroid test to ensure accurate results

By Dr. Mercola

Biotin (vitamin B7) — an essential water-soluble micronutrient — is a member of the B complex group of vitamins. Other names sometimes used for biotin include vitamin H, coenzyme R and d-biotin.

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