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Water Supports Health in Ways You May Never Have Suspected

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  • Your cells and extracellular tissues are filled with H3O2 — negatively charged, structured “EZ” water, which acts as a battery, storing and releasing energy. Sunlight increases EZ water, as does full spectrum infrared saunas and grounding
  • EZ water drives your cellular machinery by inducing a charge separation, shuttling positive protons into the cell for organelles that need positive charges, while the negatively charged electrons remain in the water surrounding the cell, where it helps synthesize sulfate
  • Near-infrared rays in sunlight penetrate your skin and structure the water in your cells. In this way, sun exposure plays an important role in your body’s energy production, and has a positive effect on blood flow and cardiovascular health

By Dr. Mercola

The TEDx Talk above, featuring Gerald Pollack, Ph.D., and the two videos that follow, all address the importance of water for biological function and optimal health — and there's a lot more to this than you might expect.

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