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Empathy: Caring for Others Is Good for You

empathy benefits

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  • Empathy has complex neurological underpinnings that control the way our brains help us to care about other people
  • Humans have “mirror neurons” that react to others’ emotions and reproduce them; a deficit in mirror neuron receptors has been suggested as an explanation for narcissism and neurotic behaviors
  • Practicing empathy may help you relieve stress, strengthen your relationships and have a more satisfying work life

By Dr. Mercola

Empathy, the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, so to speak, and understand their feelings and point of view, is a character trait that may benefit society and individuals in multiple ways. Empathy training has been found to reduce stress levels among medical students facing intense emotional encounters with patients, for example. While many parents try to instill empathetic qualities in their children, there’s growing research that empathy has deep neurological roots in humans.

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