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Are C-Sections Contributing to Autism?

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  • Studies have found an association between C-sections and autism. In one, children born by C-section had a 21 percent higher risk for developing autism
  • Folate deficiency has been shown to raise a child’s risk of autism by inhibiting detoxification of pesticides. Optimizing folate intake during pregnancy has been shown to ameliorate this risk
  • Women who took prenatal vitamins — which include folic acid — lowered their child’s risk of autism by as much as 30 percent. Another study found that taking the recommended amount of folic acid at conception lowered the child’s risk of pesticide-related autism specifically
  • Pesticides, especially glyphosate, and C-sections both have an adverse effect on the child’s gut microbiome, thereby raising the risk of autism
  • Glyphosate is widely used on genetically engineered crops, and the pesticide cannot be washed off, as it’s taken up into every cell of the plant. As a result, nonorganic foods are proving to be a significant source of glyphosate exposure

By Dr. Mercola

A well-respected natural-birth pioneer, Dr. Michel Odent, has a theory about what might be behind our rising autism rates: C-sections. While C-sections and autism may initially seem completely unrelated, there is in fact an intriguing connection between the two — a connection that lead back to the gut.

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