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How Often Should You Poop?

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  • How often you empty your bowels can be a good indication of how healthy you are and whether or not your body is running like the well-oiled machine it’s intended to be
  • Ninety-eight percent of the participants in one study had a bowel movement frequency ranging from three times weekly to three times daily; both ends of the spectrum were considered normal
  • Sitting can inhibit how completely you’re able to get rid of waste, while squatting so your knees are closer to your chest is a more natural arrangement of the body to optimize elimination
  • While scientists aren’t sure how people respond to certain sensory stimuli, environmental cues and a feeling of safety could prompt people to poop only when they’re at home

By Dr. Mercola

Yes, there really are standards for how often a person should be visiting the porcelain throne. Of course, nearly everyone is thrown off their game from time to time, but generally speaking, there's a few telling criteria regarding this most private of events.

How often it's done is joined by several other aspects of what constitutes a healthy "evacuation" schedule. Points to ponder include not just what's normal and abnormal, but how much is too much or too little? What might affect how often you go? Perhaps most important of all might be the question of what you can do to be more regular.

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