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Fasting — A Powerful Metabolic Intervention That Can Dramatically Boost Your Health

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  • At 62, and having a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, George Newman is an inspiring example of how simple lifestyle strategies can turn your health around. He’s keeping his AFib under control with a combination of keto adaptation, fasting and magnesium supplementation
  • Endurance exercise raises your risk for AFib by putting undue stress on your heart. Magnesium deficiency and electromagnetic field exposure also raise your risk
  • Incidentally, EMF toxicity is mitigated through your voltage-gated calcium channels. Since magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker, it helps block the adverse effects of EMF
  • Water fasting provides many benefits, from saving money and having greater mental clarity to radically improving your body's ability to digest damaged cells (autophagy) and increasing healing stem cells
  • By fasting five days out of every 14, Newman goes far beyond what most will attempt, and his lab work shows it does not impair health — it improves it. After 13 cycles of five-day fasts every two weeks, he has not lost any muscle mass, and his bone density is that of someone half his age

By Dr. Mercola

I hope you all are recovering well from a well-deserved holiday weekend in the U.S.  I am beyond excited to introduce you to a remarkable individual who inspired me to implement what I believe is the most powerful metabolic health intervention you can undergo. Although it is the cure for over 80 percent of the population that has insulin resistance it is also helpful for all of us.  So much so that I have committed to monthly five-day fasts and as you read this I am in the third day of a five day fast.

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