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Bad News for Fast Eaters

eating food too fast

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  • Gobbling down your food too fast when you eat may not only eventually require loosening your belt; it may even contribute to the development of metabolic conditions and three of the most serious disease risks
  • More people than ever are developing the “big three” diseases; in fact, 34 percent of adults in the U.S. are experiencing at least three of the five most common risks, while globally, it may impact 84 percent of adults
  • The longer you chew, the more time enzymes in your saliva have to start the digestion process, and could reduce how much you eat by almost 15 percent, which over time could represent a significant weight loss
  • Creating a calm environment with minimal distractions and putting down your utensils between bites are two ways you can mindfully approach eating more slowly, for both your nutritional and emotional health

By Dr. Mercola

There are many things regarding food that are said to be good or bad for you, but you may not have thought of this one: Eating too fast can literally do you in, and in a few more ways than what might be obvious. When you’re really hungry and what you’re eating is just so amazingly good — that’s a perfect recipe for eating too fast, which may present a choking hazard, but there’s more than that you should be aware of.

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