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Why Is Chlorella Considered a Superfood?

chlorella benefits

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  • Research shows chlorella positively influences blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, body mass index (BMI) and lipid profile, four factors that often have a detrimental impact on your cardiovascular disease risk
  • The antioxidants lutein and beta-carotene, enzymes, amino acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins and fiber in chlorella help boost your metabolism and immunity, fight cancer and increase brain function
  • Containing more chlorophyll than any other plant, chlorella helps clean your blood, protect your liver, cleanse your intestines and improve your digestive system due to digestive enzymes
  • Amalgam dental fillings and the wrong kind of seafood are two of the leading causes of mercury poisoning today; one of the most potent uses of chlorella is its ability to cleanse these and other toxins from your body

By Dr. Mercola

Many are doing whatever they can to optimize their health, especially their heart health, so a new study from the journal Clinical Nutrition is encouraging and helpful, as it emphasizes how powerful natural compounds such as those found in chlorella are for different aspects of your well-being.

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