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Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Blood Is Red?

why blood is red

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  • Color plays an important role in nature as it is used for camouflage, protection and communication; pathologists are now evaluating if abnormal tissue produces a discernably different color from healthy tissue
  • The iron atom attached to your hemoglobin is responsible for turning your blood red; some animals have copper attached to hemocyanin, turning their blood blue, others have neither hemocyanin nor hemoglobin; hence, their blood is translucent
  • Your bone marrow produces stem cells that develop into white cells, red cells or platelets; after cells in your kidney sense a reduction in oxygen, erythropoietin is secreted that triggers your marrow stem cells to produce red cells

By Dr. Mercola

The range of color in nature is amazing. Hues of all colors may be found in animals as a form of camouflage, protection, sexual behavior and even communication. Some animals are even translucent in order to improve their ability to escape predators.

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