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Essential Oils Lower Blood Pressure

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  • Between 30 and 50 percent of Americans have high blood pressure, and only half have their blood pressure under control
  • When your blood pressure is not well controlled you have a high risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and cognitive decline; however, medications to control your blood pressure come with a laundry list of side effects and health problems
  • Essential oils, such as lavender, ylang-ylang, marjoram, bergamot and clary sage, may help reduce your blood pressure, stress and cortisol levels, while also helping to improve your productivity
  • Another natural option to help reduce your blood pressure is to increase the release of nitric oxide in your blood vessels through a simple exercise called the nitric oxide dump, which also improves your immune system and increases your lean body mass

By Dr. Mercola

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 30 percent of Americans have high blood pressure, also called hypertension, and only half of them have their blood pressure under control. However, under controversial new guidelines released in November 2017, which advised that high blood pressure should be treated at 130/80 rather than 140/90, nearly 50 percent of Americans would technically be suffering from high blood pressure.

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