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How Stress Can Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels

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  • When you’re stressed and your body enters “fight or flight” mode, glucose is released in order to give your muscles the energy needed to run and escape
  • In the modern day, there’s a good chance that threat is more mental than physical, which means you won’t need that extra energy after all
  • The end result is that your body must produce more insulin to keep your blood sugar levels in check, and when you’re stressed out, your blood sugar levels will probably stay elevated much longer than they would otherwise, ultimately promoting weight gain and Type 2 diabetes
  • When you’re under stress, your blood sugar levels may take up to six times longer to return to normal after a meal than they would if you weren’t stressed out

By Dr. Mercola

Stress does not act as a singular force on your body but rather acts like a snowball rolling down a mountain, gradually building in size and speed until it’s virtually impossible to control. As stress builds in your body, it influences everything from your mood and brain function to your heart health and risk of both acute illness and chronic disease, including cancer.

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