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Achoo: Sneezing Facts and Fiction

sneezing facts and fiction

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  • A sneeze starts with a tickle in the back of your nose and you know within seconds you’ll be sneezing, likely more than once
  • Sneezing is an involuntary, explosive release of fluid and air from your lungs and nasal cavity, which may be nature’s way of “rebooting” your nose to protect your health
  • Nearly one-quarter of the population is genetically prone to photic sneezing, or sneezing after initial exposure to bright light, thought to be the result of triggering the trigeminal nerve
  • Myths include stories that your heart stops or your eyes may pop out when sneezing; however, it is important you don’t stop a sneeze as it can lead to a tear in your esophagus, ruptured eardrums or a ruptured brain aneurysm

By Dr. Mercola

The tickle at the back of your nose lets you know that within seconds you’ll be sneezing. A sneeze is also called a sternutation. This explosive release of fluid and air from your lungs, mouth and nose is involuntary and many times your body’s response to irritants in your nasal cavity.

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