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Surprising Sources of Air Pollution

air pollution

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  • Air pollution is insidious, doesn’t recognize borders, travels thousands of miles and may become trapped inside your home, triggering a number of chronic, life-long conditions
  • Researchers have identified a far greater amount of pollution emission from synthetic, nitrogen-based fertilizer into the air than was previously measured
  • Synthetic fertilizers pollute waterways, increase nitrogen oxide emissions into the air and disrupt and damage soil microbiome, necessary for healthy plant growth and strong crop yields
  • You may reduce your exposure to air pollution by opening your home’s windows for 10 minutes each day, using the recirculation setting on your car while in heavy traffic, and considering nutritional supplementation, including B vitamins and vitamins C and E

By Dr. Mercola

Air pollution is an insidious problem that doesn't recognize borders and travels thousands of miles. In fact, Americans are producing less pollution but experiencing greater amounts of smog on the West Coast, the result of pollutants originating in Asian countries. In 1991, the U.S. and Canada entered into an agreement to address transboundary air pollution that led to a reduction in the production of acid rain.

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