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What's Worse Than Bedbugs? Their Poo


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  • Bedbugs are parasites that prefer a human blood meal; starting at the size of an apple seed, they swell and turn brown after feeding, making them more visible to the naked eye
  • Small, red bite marks may be your first indication of an infestation of bugs that don’t likely carry disease, but do deposit large amounts of histamine in their excrement to attract other bedbugs
  • Histamine concentration is high and persistent in infested homes, raising your risk of allergies
  • Avoid using chemical pesticides to eliminate bedbugs as they are associated with health risks; instead, consider using heat or cold treatments to kill the bugs and subsequent deep cleaning to rid your home of excrement, exoskeletons and histamine

By Dr. Mercola

Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood, and prefer human blood. About the size of an apple seed, they swell and turn a reddish color after feeding. Although they are a nuisance, multiply quickly and trigger allergic reactions, they don't likely spread disease.

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