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Why Colleges Hide the Truth

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  • Research is an expensive endeavor when it meets the gold standard of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial
  • To cover financial costs, universities and scientists have discovered ways to circumvent conflict of interest rules, encouraging industries to financially contribute and seriously entertain industry interpretations of the data
  • Food industry giants have used academics to further their agenda, from the sugar industry asserting their product does not contribute to obesity to Monsanto alleging genetic modification has no effect on health
  • Hidden ties between industry and science influence research results and negatively affect your health; until greater controls are in place, it is important to evaluate the funding behind research recommendations

By Dr. Mercola

Decades of research show excess sugar damages your health, yet for many years the sugar industry was successful in burying the evidence and misdirecting the public. Industry-funded research is often bent on proving the efficacy of their product, in much the same way the sugar industry ensured their financial security by burying data demonstrating negative health effects.

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