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Effective Ways to Pop Your Ears When Pressure Builds

ear popping

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  • Pain and discomfort in your ear experienced during flying or scuba diving results from changes in external pressure, which must be equalized by changing pressure in your middle ear
  • Your Eustachian tube opens during yawning and swallowing, allowing a small air bubble to reach your middle ear where it equalizes pressure with the outside; consider hard candy, gum or sipping on water to activate muscles that open your Eustachian tubes
  • Flying while congested may increase your risk of ear pain and discomfort, which may be relieved by using essential oils to reduce congestion or a warm compress against your ear
  • Reduce your risk of rupturing an eardrum by avoiding the Valsalva maneuver and never putting anything smaller than your finger into your ear

By Dr. Mercola

Nearly 20 percent of Americans, or 48 million people, report having some degree of hearing loss. It may be easy to take hearing for granted as it happens without any effort on your part. However it is a complex process, beginning with sound in your environment and ending in your brain. Unlike any other sense involving a chemical process, such as smell, taste or sight, hearing is strictly the result of physical movement.

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