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Should I Use a Toilet Seat Cover?

toilet seat covers

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  • Although many opt for toilet seat covers or piles of toilet paper in public restrooms, the products are porous and allow the transfer of bacteria; microbiologist Philip Tierno believes your risk of acquiring disease is rare
  • Chronically hovering over the toilet in a half-squat may increase a woman’s risk of retaining urine; thus irritating the bladder wall, increasing her risk of infection and bladder irritation, resulting in incontinence
  • Maintaining a healthy skin barrier and using good hand hygiene may be more important than toilet seat covers to reduce your risk of exposure to pathogens
  • Data demonstrates common household items, such as your cellphone, keyboard and desk, may have many more bacteria than a toilet seat

By Dr. Mercola

Stopping the spread of microbes is important to reduce the spread of infection, colds and flu. Time and again research has demonstrated soap and water can kill germs causing acute gastroenteritis, pneumonia, hepatitis A and other contagious illnesses, including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

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