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9 Fascinating Insights Your Tongue May Reveal About Your Health

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  • Many illnesses and diseases have recognizable characteristics, helping you to identify the problem and design changes to improve the symptoms
  • Your tongue is a strong muscle critical for eating, speaking and tasting food; it is covered with moist, pink mucous membrane, which in turn is covered with growing papilla lined with taste buds and a collection of nerve-like cells that send signals to your brain
  • Vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C, iron and zinc are vital to the health of your tongue; deficiencies may result in an increased risk of infection, glossitis, burning and sensory changes
  • Good oral hygiene may help prevent hairy black tongue and help you find early inconspicuous symptoms of lingual cancer

By Dr. Mercola

For many illnesses and diseases there are recognizable symptoms. In some cases those symptoms are not evident until late in the disease process, while in others they appear immediately. Recognizing symptoms and associating them with specific conditions no longer relies on the memory of a diagnostician. Using the computer, you can check your own symptoms and end up with a list of possible conditions.

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