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Hydration Is About More Than Just Drinking Water — How to Hydrate at the Cellular Level to Improve Health and Longevity

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  • Proper hydration is not simply infusing your body with water. More specifically, it’s about getting the water inside your cells. To do that, you need to improve the electrical charges across your cellular membranes
  • Water is the ultimate mechanism by which you remove toxins and naturally produced oxidants from your body. Dehydration raises your risk of disease and death, while being well-hydrated on a cellular level slows down and even reverses biological aging
  • Strategies that improve the electrical charge across your membranes include taking terrahydrite humic compounds, reducing EMF exposure, increasing electrolytes and boosting your fiber intake
  • In a dehydrated state, you accumulate toxins due to a lack of electrical energy flow. When you add in exposure to wireless technologies that output high amounts of electrical resonance, your already disconnected cells become prone to resonating to the wrong frequency
  • Virtually everyone is dehydrated to some extent. Your hydration level can be assessed by measuring your phase angle. A phase angle of 10 is indicative of ideal health, while death occurs around 3.5

By Dr. Mercola

Dr. Zach Bush is a physician and researcher with a practice in Charlottesville, Virginia. Bush is triple board-certified in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, as well as hospice and palliative care, giving him an unusually broad range of expertise. Before he switched his focus to nutrition and natural medicine, he was a cancer researcher.

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