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700 Percent Increase in Prescribed ADHD Treatments

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  • College students and women appear to be at greater risk for using Adderall and Ritalin to boost energy and motivation when they experience work overload as depicted in the documentary “Take Your Pills”
  • While ADHD is a real disorder, when the addictive, Schedule II, amphetamine-based treatment is prescribed to those without the condition, it may lead to permanent brain changes, increased tolerance, aggression, anxiety and psychosis
  • Adderall is called a “study drug,” as it allows the user to remain awake and focused for longer periods of time, but it also increases the risk of using central nervous system depressants to counteract the stimulant effect
  • Consider improving productivity by getting at least seven hours of quality sleep, reducing EMF exposure, reducing sugar intake and getting plenty of exercise and daily movement

By Dr. Mercola

Performance-enhancing drugs were once only found consistently in the athletic world. Athletes were kicked out of performances and Olympic medals stripped when testing revealed they had used drugs giving them a performance boost over their competitors. Today, students and adults in the workplace are seeking out similar drugs to enhance their productivity.

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