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Is Ghee Better Than Butter?

is ghee better than butter

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  • Ghee has been used in traditional cooking for eons, as an oil and as an ingredient, but it’s also an Ayurvedic go-to for massages and herbal ointments, and as a medicinal to remedy rashes and burns
  • Making ghee starts with butter made from cow’s milk and involves separating liquid fats from the milk solids and removing the milk solids, a method many believe is healthier than butter
  • Ghee, which is heated longer than most other types of clarified butter, is darker and has a richer, nuttier flavor, as well as a higher smoke point, making it easier and healthier for sautéing — and you can make your own
  • Due to compounds such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and a fatty acid known as butyrate acid in ghee, your inflammation and coronary heart disease risk may be reduced and your digestion improved
  • In ghee, the milk is separated from the fat, so the lactose as well as casein is reduced, making it better than butter if you have allergies or sensitivities to dairy products

By Dr. Mercola

For anyone unfamiliar with the term ghee, another name for it is clarified butter. One difference between ghee and regular butter is that the former doesn't have as many dairy proteins, and there are a host of health advocates who maintain that ghee is the healthier option. Starting with pure butter made from cow's milk, the ghee-making process involves heating and separating liquid fats from the milk solids, which become caramelized, and removing the milk solids (which also removes most of the lactose).

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