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Why Are Walnuts and Seaweed Good for Your Gut?

why are walnuts and seaweed good for your gut

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  • Researchers from the University of Illinois suggest the addition of walnuts to your diet increases the amount, types and functional capacity of beneficial bacterial in your gut
  • A team from Stanford University has isolated a compound in seaweed that may be useful for manipulating gut bacteria strains for therapeutic use, providing evidence that dietary choices do affect gut health
  • One of the first steps you can take to improve your gut health is to eliminate sugar from your diet and eat whole foods, especially grass fed meat, organic vegetables and plenty of healthy fats
  • You also can nourish your gut by eating fermented foods and prebiotic foods, as well as by taking probiotics or sporebiotics

By Dr. Mercola

The importance of fiber to your diet is nothing new. The dietary fiber you get from foods such as nuts and seaweed, for example, acts as a food source for your gut microbiota, helping your beneficial bacteria do their jobs. This involves breaking down complex foods, providing your body with nutrients and helping you feel full.

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