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Polluting Pigs Hit Again Over Air Emissions in Iowa

polluting pigs air emissions

Story at-a-glance -

  • Four northeast Iowa residents are suing the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) over noxious air emissions being released by local concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
  • The area is home to CAFOs raising some 25,000 pigs all within 5 miles of an elementary school
  • In Iowa, pigs spend their lives living on slatted floors, allowing waste to drop through into storage pits below; if left as is, the resulting fumes would kill the animals, so the CAFOs use fans to blow the toxic air out of the building — and into the surrounding communities
  • Children with larger exposures to CAFOs have a significantly higher risk of being prescribed medication for wheezing or being diagnosed with asthma
  • CAFOs are also breeding grounds for disease; another pig virus, the porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV), first identified in Hong Kong in 2012, has recently been shown to have the potential to leap to humans

By Dr. Mercola

Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which pack thousands of animals into tight spaces, continue to wreak havoc on the environment, including the residents who live near them. Imagine settling into an idyllic country locale only to have a polluting pig CAFO move in next door. It's the American Dream turned nightmare for many, including some residents who have lived on the land for generations.

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