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50 Years Late, WHO Declares War on Trans Fats

trans fat

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  • A food product may be labeled free of trans fat and still have up to 0.5 grams per serving, which means just a few servings can provide you with a physiologically significant amount of harmful fat
  • Decades after research proved compelling health risks from trans fat, the World Health Organization released guidelines calling for its elimination from the global food supply by 2023
  • This ambitious five-year goal may be difficult to achieve and may only result in swapping trans fat for polyunsaturated fat high in omega-6 fatty acids, thus simply swapping one unhealthy fat for another
  • True to their history, once the FDA recommended all trans fat removed from processed foods, the Grocery Manufacturers Association petitioned for an exception, but was denied as the FDA no longer considers trans fat to be generally recognized as safe

By Dr. Mercola

As knowledge of the danger of trans fats became more widespread, some in the food industry responded by reformulating their products. However, even if a product claims to be free of trans fats, it can contain up to 0.5 grams per serving. This means eating just a few servings can result in you getting a physiologically significant amount of this harmful fat. To truly avoid trans fat in processed food you must read the list of ingredients.

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