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From Toilet to Tap

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  • While you may assume drinking water straight from the tap is safe, the water is likely contaminated with chemicals, heavy metals and plastic fibers, all known to damage your health
  • Researchers tested the taste of recycled water, also called “toilet to tap” water, hoping this would help alleviate the “ick” factor of drinking water that once flowed out of your toilet
  • Contaminants in common tap water include lead, plastic fibers, polyfluoroalkyl substances and nearly 250 more chemicals that exceed federally recommended safety levels in more than 6 million American homes
  • Filtering your tap water is an important factor to protect your health and reduce your risk of toxic exposure; you have options to filter your whole home, at each point of use, or combining both methods for the cleanest water possible

By Dr. Mercola

Many drink water straight from their tap, assuming governmental oversight and the Safe Drinking Water Act ensure city tap water is safe. Unfortunately, while the water may be clear and taste normal, it does not mean the water is pure and free of environmental toxins.

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