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Is Black Salve a Problem or a Solution?

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  • Black salve, a paste made using the bloodroot plant, has been touted as safe and effective for treating skin carcinomas, but studies, as well as alarming visual testaments, show using it may be a dangerous proposition
  • There have been (unverified) claims of positive uses for black salve, but it’s indiscriminate in the type of tissue it destroys, which can lead to some very painful, dangerous and unsightly results
  • Anyone looking for an alternative to black salve may be better off looking for BEC5, aka eggplant extract
  • Scientists identified BEC5 as a safe therapy for basal cell carcinoma, as it had a cure rate of 66 percent at eight weeks, a 78 percent cure rate after a year and, more importantly, healthy cells were left intact

By Dr. Mercola

You may have read about or heard the term black salve in terms of a "healthier alternative" to conventional options for remedying skin lesions, such as skin cancer, warts, moles and skin tags. It seems to be somewhat controversial because reports on its safety are contradictory. Black salve is derived from the perennial, flowering Sanguinaria canadensis, aka bloodroot, a plant native to northeastern America.

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