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Nutrients and Supplements That Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

ways to improve sleep quality

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  • There are many ways to improve your sleep, including supplements and addressing certain nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin D, vitamin C and vitamin B12 deficiencies — all of which can impact sleep quality
  • Certain minerals are also important for sleep, including magnesium, potassium and calcium
  • Amino acids and hormones that play important roles in sleep and can be augmented through supplementation include tryptophan, melatonin and 5-HTP
  • Herbal sleep aids that can help you fall asleep faster and easier include CBD oil, valerian root and chamomile
  • Two commonly overlooked environmental factors that can rob you of sleep — exposure to blue light and electromagnetic fields — are also addressed

By Dr. Mercola

If you intend to live a long and healthy life, sleep needs to be a priority. Anyone struggling with chronic disease — which is at least half the adult population in the U.S. — would be wise to take heed, as sleep cannot only contribute to the problem but also counteract any healthy lifestyle strategies you’re using to address it.

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