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A Critical Look at 'The China Study' and Other Diet Plans

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  • Although veganism has some health benefits, it is also loaded with many disadvantages and is unsuitable for many, especially if you have certain genetic polymorphisms predisposing you to poor beta-carotene conversion
  • People with polymorphisms causing poor conversion of beta-carotene are at high risk for reproductive problems, skin and eye problems and poor dental health
  • The blood type diet, detailed in “Eat Right 4 Your Type,” often works well for those with blood type O, as those recommendations are consistent with a healthy diet. It typically does not work well for the other blood types
  • Nutrient cycling (cycling between higher and lower amounts of fat, net carbs and protein) and cycling between high and low calorie intakes (fasting and feasting) appear to be foundational criteria for optimal biological functioning
  • If you’re on a ketogenic diet, it’s important to cycle high and low amounts of net carbs once your body is able to efficiently burn fat for fuel in order to optimize your metabolism. Cyclical fasting is also recommended

By Dr. Mercola

Denise Minger is perhaps most noted for her comprehensive rebuttal of "The China Study" some eight years ago. She's heavily vested in the vegan versus omnivore battle, having cycled through vegetarianism and raw veganism, finally coming full circle to being an omnivore.

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