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How Aging Affects Mitochondria in Brain Cells and Contributes to Age-Related Diseases

mitochondria in brain cells

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  • Mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells, producing a majority of the energy generated in your body. They also coordinate apoptosis, or programmed cell death — an important process that ensures the death of malfunctioning cells that might otherwise turn into cancer
  • Your brain, being the most energy-dependent organ, is particularly susceptible to impaired energy production due to faulty mitochondria, and researchers now suggest this is what makes the human brain susceptible to age-related diseases in the first place
  • In older individuals, mitochondrial genes related to energy generation become progressively less active. The mitochondria tend to be less dense and more fragmented, and generate much lower amounts of energy
  • Free radicals formed at the level of the mitochondria are typically extremely harmful, which is why you need to minimize them. Effective strategies include cyclical ketosis, calorie restriction (fasting), meal timing, exercise and EMF avoidance
  • Supplements that help optimize mitochondrial function include CoQ10, PQQ, berberine, magnesium, nontimed-release niacin and D-ribose

By Dr. Mercola

In recent years, it's become increasingly apparent that quemost of what we refer to as health and disease really links back to the function of your mitochondria — tiny organelles inside your cells that play an important role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), required for all biological functions. If your mitochondria are not functioning well, your risk for chronic degenerative diseases will radically increase. Not surprisingly, optimization of mitochondria is also vital for life extension strategies.

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