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The Surprising Connection Between Bone Health and Heart Health

bone and heart health relation

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  • A study involving older women indicates taking a daily probiotic may be useful in preventing age-related bone loss and osteoporosis
  • Researchers at Johns Hopkins suggest your gut bacteria positively impact your heart health because metabolized chemicals from your gut bacteria activate receptors in your blood vessels to lower your blood pressure
  • A small Polish study involving hospitalized children found a correlation between increased levels of vitamin K2 consumption and lower rates of bone fractures in kids aged 5 to 15
  • Higher intakes of vitamin K2 consistently have been shown to reduce your risk of severe aortic calcification, death from heart attack and death from any cause
  • For optimal bone and heart health, it’s vital that you balance your intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K, all of which work synergistically in your body

By Dr. Mercola

The suspected link between bone health and heart health is nothing new. In their attempts to uncover links between cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, for example, researchers have looked at several areas, such as biochemical processes, genetic factors and shared risk factors. On a parallel path, other scientists are investigating how certain vitamins and minerals interact and affect the human body, including their impact on your heart.

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